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Hello, my dear!

Let me guess. Are you one of those girls who are tired of looking for their spouse in nightclubs and cafes? Are you tired of blind dates arranged by friends/relatives who are worried about your fate? And what if I invite you to find your soul mate without leaving home? Yes, you’ve got it right – I mean online dating. You, of course, can be skeptical about this venture. But in fact, this is a very good alternative to the classical methods of meeting a man for a relationship.

Online dating

Internet dating is good!

What can be better than a comfortable pastime in the evening with your favorite chair with a laptop and a cup of coffee, during which time you can “meet” with tens and even hundreds of potential candidates for the role of your boyfriend? Agree, in real life for such a number of visits would take much more time. Still in doubt? But in our time the Internet dating account for a significant share (20-25%) of all dating, which as a result lead to marriage or serious relationship. And, strangely enough, this is not only the young people doing. People of the middle and even the elderly increasingly prefer to get acquainted and “feel the soil” remotely.

Love online: where to start?

Do you know where to start? To get acquainted with an online man will require a bit of courage, as well as the ability to analyze information and plan your actions. I also recommend the following 11 tips to help you get the “right” dating in virtual reality and bring them to the relationship in real life.

1. Determine how you want to find candidates for dating

Some of the dating sites offer you potentially suitable men, selected by comparing the questionnaires. This is the easiest way, although not very reliable because the selection is done by software algorithms as a result of cold calculation. If you prefer to choose the most, it’s worth to register on the sites that provide this opportunity.

2. Are you ready to spend money on dating?

In the Internet, there are both free sites for virtual acquaintances, and with all sorts of paid subscriptions with additional functions such as displaying a questionnaire on top sites.
“Serious” paid sites, as a rule, differ in that among their users mostly wealthy men predominate. You’re not looking for trouble, are you? But the costs of using their services can fluctuate from the level of pocket money to “wages are not enough”. Therefore, you should immediately decide whether you can allocate any funds for the search for love in the network or you will be content with free options (by the way, there are also sites where everything is free for girls, and for men, it is paid for).

3. Do not ignore small projects

Of course, the easiest way to register for the most popular and famous dating sites. But their problem is usually a glut in wanting to find their soul mate and fake accounts. There your profile will simply be lost. Therefore, you can also look at a couple of “players” of a smaller scale, but made with a soul. For example, it can be not just dating sites, but something like a club of interests, where the likelihood of finding a soul mate will be much higher.

4. If you want to get acquainted – create a convincing, but honest profile

No matter how tempting it may be, when filling out a profile on the site, you should not lie about your work, social status, appearance, etc. After all, honesty is one of the main qualities that men in women seek.

5. Expand gradually

It is not necessary to disclose immediately all the information about yourself to the one with whom you are acquainted in the network. Tell me first only the most basic thing that will help attract male attention. The remaining details should be disclosed gradually when you mutually learn something new about it. And yes, one more thing, I do not recommend publishing too candid photos. So you’re attracted is not the type of men you are looking for.

6. Keep confidential

It is never worth giving out personal information that attackers can use to, for example, steal money from your bank card. This applies to both filling out the questionnaire and communicating with other users.

7. Prepare for the fact that not everyone will be honest with you

While I advise you to be as honest as possible and not to invent anything about yourself, you still need to be prepared for the fact that the men you are going to meet with may not do the same. It is quite expected that many of them will embellish their own merits and forget to mention the “shortcomings” like age, excess weight, etc.

8. Be ready to reject and be rejected

Do not take the “No” answer too close to your heart. After all, most likely, refusing to communicate with you, the man actually rejects your age, hair color, place of your residence or any other parameter specified in your application. Simply because this parameter does not suit him, and not because he has something against you personally. At the same time, do not be shy to say “No” to men with whom you do not have the desire to meet. Politeness and courtesy, in this case, will not be very appropriate.

9. Limit the range of candidates on the dating site

In order not to spray your attention and time, you should carefully analyze the questionnaires of virtual acquaintances and the impression of communicating with them in order to leave only a few of them. In this case, there is a possibility to meet the person who you need most quickly than if you continue to communicate with one hundred men at once, and even more so to go with each of them on dates in real life.

10. “Googling” those with whom you are acquainted

Do not be shy to look for information about men from dating sites in search engines and social networks. While they can come up with an unrealistic profile and give their personality the desired qualities, watching their actions and interests in the social. networks can tell a lot. In many cases, you will not see the guy you met.

11. Do not forget about safety

Until you trust 100% of the man you met through the Internet, do not tell him about yourself too personal things, bring him home or go home to him. Well, or at least make a mess about your friends/relatives knowing where and with whom you spend your time, and from time to time, call to find out how you are doing. It is best to first appoint meetings in public places. I do not want to scare, but there is always a chance to meet a maniac in the net. However, as in life

Internet Dating or real?

We live in the age of rapidly developing digital technologies, which have firmly entered all spheres of our life. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to find yourself a couple over the Internet. I’m sure, by starting to apply the above recommendations, you will understand that in online dating there is nothing wrong. They can work no worse or even better live dating. The main thing is to learn how to behave properly during online communication and make the right choice. Once you found your true love via the Internet do not forget the tips on how to preserve the family.

Good luck!

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