How To Bring Order To Life In 30 days3 min read

In order not to be one of those who is always unhappy with themselves and their lives, only a month is needed. Present it to yourself, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Order in Life

It often happens that the whole day we do not do anything important, and by the evening is already without strength. Days are formed in weeks, weeks in months, months in years … And like all the time we revolve like squirrels in a wheel, but nothing really significant! And we do not really spend time with ourselves, and we rarely find time with our neighbors to talk real, and not formally. Why is that? Yes, because we are trying to catch everything, instead of catching the most important thing. Let’s put in order in 30 days! Plan for every ten days.

The first 10 days are slow but true for the future order!

Perhaps you are waiting for I will say – in the first ten days we will make a big plan? No! Immediately begin to change everything. In the first ten days, make some important improvement for you, which you can afford here and now. Buy a blender if you were going to make cocktails from vegetables, throw away all the unnecessary things, make your first drawing on the right-hemisphere-painting or buy a comfortable sofa. In general, solve some problem, do what you feel about yourself. Now it remains to plan this for absolutely every one of these ten days, which will be in your life, and write it all into the diary.

The second 10 days are the five important areas of life!

In the second 10 days, identify the five key areas – what is really important to you? It can be tasks for three months, six months or a year – as you prefer. For example, your own beauty and attractiveness, health, relationships with loved ones, increased income and so on. Then write down what you can do in each area in the next ten days, and what you want to come up with ideally. And, of course, in these second ten days again, carry out some small, but important change (see the first decade).

The third 10 days – establish a new way of life

Life itself cannot be adjusted dramatically and immediately to order, but one can gradually establish a way of life. For those who want to understand what I mean, in more detail – watch the movie “The Peaceful Warrior”. So, now for each day of the week, plan to do something for one of the five key areas. For example, on Monday to buy a new mascara (beauty), Tuesday – do not spend money on bullshit (increase in income) and so on. As for Saturday and Sunday, then one day plan for various unforeseen cases and “doings”, and in another simply do not do anything. That is, get out of your obsession, walk in the park. In general, do anything, just do not spin like a squirrel in a wheel. Just want to say that this does not mean that on Monday you are engaged only in beauty. Simply, this is a key matter, even if it is small, and it must be made almost the first. This is the motive of the day!

Now all you have to do is only gradually form all the above habits. And do not scold yourself, if something does not happen right away. When you scold yourself – take a lot of energy! It is better to tell yourself that the habit is not simply developed. And if at least 2-3 days a week you carry out a plan, then you can soon follow it more often.

Instead of an afterword

I also strongly advise you to introduce honesty into the habit. How much time and effort we have taken away false promises, which we are not going to ever fulfill. Just say “I’ll think” if you can not refuse immediately. And only then say that you decided not to do it. Avoid false explanations, too, why you decided not to. You do not have to explain. Apologize and say that the reason is too personal!

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