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You decided to have a little mewing lump and make every effort to make a big and healthy cat grow out of it. Congratulations! But to choose a kitten – perhaps, not less responsible business, than to be prepared for a birth of the child! Today we will talk about how to choose a kitten – healthy, strong, and most importantly, yours, which will become a full member of your family!

Choosing kittens


Where do kittens come from?

More precisely, where do they get it from? And more precisely – where is the best place to take a kitten? I will describe the pros and cons of several options for acquiring a kitten:

Clubs of breeders of cats, nurseries

Perhaps the safest way to purchase a pet. As a rule, every club or nursery specializes in a certain breed of cats. Specialists of the club should help with the choice of a kitten – almost from birth, “club” kittens are somehow evaluated for compliance with breed standards, which affects the selling price of the kitten. In addition, even if this aspect is not too important for you, it is unlikely to slip an unhealthy animal!

Other pros – clubs, and nurseries give out for each kitten documents about the pedigree (or they provide the opportunity of their registration for a surcharge).

Cons – high prices for elite kittens.

Cat Shows

At such shows, breeders, who currently have kittens, certainly try to sell them. For the buyer, this is not a bad option – metises are disallowed at the exhibition, so, again, the kittens will be healthy, thoroughbred and with documents.

Also at the exhibitions, there is a jury evaluating all the animals represented (including kittens) – you will have an opportunity to inquire about the qualified evaluation of ambiguous vendors.

Cons – at cat shows, do to the excitement, breeders go crazy with the prices.

Visit the owners of kittens on the ad in the newspaper or in the Internet

Ads about the sale or a variety of kittens for free – a dime a dozen. Choose a kitten, you liked by the description and photos, too, will not be difficult.

And when you have outlined several suitable options, feel free to appoint the masters of the meeting! It is desirable – you will have a possibility to look at the kittens in their own environment at their home.

Firstly, you will see not one kitten, but all its brothers and sisters – you will have a choice!

Secondly, home owners will find it more difficult to disguise ill health, unnatural behavior or poor conditions for keeping kittens – in a neutral territory, all oddities are usually written off to the fright of the animal and unfamiliar surroundings.

Still, the risk of taking an unhealthy baby with this option is always the same. Personally, I was so “caught”, deciding to choose a kitten-metis, who had a strong cold the next day. Fortunately, after much trouble, the baby recovered, but weakened immunity and frequent colds are observed now, even after 4 years.

Pet Market

Even more risky option – “a cat in a poke” (both literally and figuratively) can be obtained here in a blink of an eye!

How to choose a kitten when they are stuffed, like sprats in a jar, into a box, and practically can not prove themselves?

In addition, it is not unusual for owners to sell healthy kittens every day, and as a result, they catch cold or catch any sores from other animals.

If nevertheless, you decide to visit the pet market, do not take away the chosen kitten at once – it is better to arrange with the owner for the second meeting at his home (for example, they agreed on the absence of a house-carrying, cash, etc.)


Do not lose romantic dreams – if you took pity on a homeless child, he is unwell in 99% of cases. If you are really ready to do a great job to get well, then it’s very cool! But remember that many feline diseases are transmitted to people – this also applies to ringworm, therefore, bringing such an animal into the house, you put yourself and your family at risk!



Signs of a healthy Kitten

When choosing a kitten, pay attention to such external signs that serve as indicators of many diseases:

  • A condition of fur, moustache. The fur should be shiny, smooth, moustaches and vibrissae above the eyebrows – whole, without broken ends. Even if the owners begin to tell tales that the kitten is climbing in all corners, very quick, got dirty a little, etc. – do not believe! Kittens are actively cared for by the mother cat, the maximum that can be tolerated is obvious physical contamination (if the baby slaps on a freshly painted floor, for example).
  •  Clear eyes. Not watery, without “sour” in the corners. Light “black tears” (small clots of dark color) can be observed only in Persians and exotics.
  • Soft stomach – without swelling, not tense. If there is swelling, this can indicate the presence of helminths.
  • Clean ears.
  • Clean pink mouth – without any strange areas, and chin, especially without dark, bloody discharge.

Behavior of the “right” kitten

Also, to select a kitten, you need to pay attention to its behavior. The basic rule: the strongest and healthy kitten is the one that is most mobile and playful.

It is he who constantly tries to get out of the box, climbing on the backs of slumbering brothers and sisters, bites your finger if you try to pat him, etc.

This is not a sign of his aggressiveness – this is the natural behavior of a small kitten! Restless disposition will give way to a calm importance with age, and resistance to a stranger (that is, you) will be replaced by a devoted love when the kid realizes that you are his new lady!

Another “quick test” when choosing a kitten – feel it, take it in your arms.

Yes, the kitten can worry, try to escape, even scratch and bite! But look closely – are there any places on his body, when touched by which the kitten painfully screams, sharply pulls back? Do not it hurt any position, posture? In general, are his movements natural?

The fact is that small kittens are very plastic and mobile, and there is practically no position that would be uncomfortable or painful for them – it’s enough to see how the cat’s family sleeps in the bag, plays how the mother wears the kittens by the scruff … If the kitten “takes care” what Any place, this is probably a sign of bad health!

Follow the advice of the Family Hearth website, and you will certainly find the kitten of your dreams!

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