How To Preserve Family3 min read

A quick guide on how to preserve a family

Usually, it happens this way: husband and wife are fighting, and when they cannot find any additional arguments they pass to sexual identity of the opposite party. And nowadays it is extremely important to know how it is possible to preserve family

Be ready for the family life!

However, today people like to reason that nowadays everything has changed, that we have entered into the century of unisex. They both women earn money, and the strong sex easily manages the vacuum cleaner.

How To Preserve Family

His responsibilities:

  1. To create the basis of the family budget. Pay attention: not to earn more than his wife (that is not too bad as well), but namely to create the basis.
  2. To be a moral guide. It is the father who is responsible to explain to children what is good and what is bad.
  3. To make presents to the wife without a reason. It’s as old as the world, but without a hitch, just like Kalashnikov rifle. Some small pleasant little things, something, that you know for sure, she’ll like it.
  4. To organize a family leisure and entertainment. In such a way a man realizes his leading role. “And on weekend let’s go to make a barbeque!” – says the head of the family. And everyone is happy.
  5. To help the wife to run a household. Sometimes the major help consists not in washing, cooking, cleaning… things, but is not to add the wife with extra work. Do not throw your clothes, for example, to accustom children to store everything tidy and on its places (that is to be not only a moral guide but also a hygienic one).

Her responsibilities:

  1. To create the atmosphere at home. The psychologists have invented for this purposes a special term – “The atmosphere of the home’s oasis”. What does that mean? First of all, cleanliness, beauty, feeling of comfort in the house. Bringing everything to order is a heavy physical labor, so, here is the organization is the main thing. Both, yours and your household members’. The second important part of the “oasis atmosphere” is the emotional component. When your husband has returned home, it is necessary to listen to him, to take pity on him, to smile, to say how much do you love him, to admire by those how strong and clever he is…
  2. To feed the husband. Notice, not just to cook food for him, but to feed him. Having returned home after work, a husband must be sure: there is the dinner at home.
  3. To understand that all the moods in the family begin with her. The researchers had shown, that in the family men unconsciously copy the signals, which women transfer unconsciously as well.
  4. To yield to the man in the dispute and agree with him. In other words, you are the head, as you wich. It is important for men other to agree with him.
  5. To be always beautiful, merry. A man is a defender and captain of the family boat, and a woman is responsible for the feeling of happiness. The scientific devices had fixed it for several times: it is the contemplation of the beauty in addition to hormones of joy and the realization of the feeling that you are being loved, all these give the feeling to a person the taste of sweet life.

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