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Do you (or maybe your child?) slowly, but inevitably matures the dream of having a kitten. Are you ready to shelter the “nobleman” without a family coat of arms, if only he became a real friend to you? Or maybe you want a thoroughbred handsome man to receive prizes at cat shows? Playful and active or calm? Long-haired or short-haired? In what breed of cats to choose, this article on Familyhearth will help you!

Pedigree or street?

This dilemma is sometimes solved spontaneously – you liked a kitten, you took it, and … problems started! Therefore, before making a choice in favor of “mongrel” or choose a thoroughbred cat, you need to weigh the possible pros and cons in both versions!

The site “Family Hearth” gives the main reasons that need to be taken into account.

Cat Breeds

A half-breed kitten

By itself, the half-breeds are just fine. Yes, of course, participation in exhibitions cannot go, but from the usual grey Tom can turn out a wonderful friend – smart, charming, insanely nice! The advantage of mongrel cats or half-breeds is a good heredity.

Strangely enough, it is these cats, whose ancestors were not the result of breeders’ fantasies, have great chances for a long life and smaller health problems (with good care, of course!), As they are the result of natural selection!

However, the problem is in another – where to get a healthy, even mongrel, kitten?

The ideal option is for familiar people (cat-mother owners).

If you are ready to take a kitten in your own good hands on the ad, for a symbolic penny in the bird market or just pick it up under the fence – be ready to treat all kinds of sores that have time to cling to the baby, including ringworm!

Also, on kittens (even with good heredity), the “difficult childhood” – innutrition, the diseases it had – is very important: it can turn into some hard cure “chronicle”, early problems with teeth, for example. But if you are ready for possible difficulties, then I will not try to dissuade you – the street kittens often become great cats!

Purebred kitten

If you want to stop picking on a thoroughbred kitten, the advantages are as follows: the kitten is more likely to be healthy and clean, it was normally taken care of, and it’s possible to predict how a fluffy lump will grow by looking at his mom and dad.

Kittens, purchased in felinological clubs or in respectable breeders, rely on documents on the pedigree. If any, you can talk about participating in exhibitions and selling future offspring for good money.

Breeds of cats


Cons – Cats of certain breeds have specific health problems: for example, exotics and Persians have frequent colds, “black tears” in their eyes, hairless Don Sphynxes do not tolerate cold … The pedigreed cats sometimes have lower immunity, less life expectancy …

I do not want to intimidate you – it’s not about 100% thoroughbred cats, but about general statistics in comparison with “noblewomen”!

It is possible that you will not encounter this! All because selection breeds were taken out for keeping in apartments, next to people – on the street such a cat will hardly survive. But at home with a proper care fluffy pet will be able to live many years in full health!

Overpay or not overpay?

This question is asked by many future owners who decided to choose a thoroughbred cat – why is the spread of prices for kittens of the same breed so great? Why are some quite nice and obviously not street purrs being given in good hands, and for others, exactly the same, asking for thousand or two dollars?

The answer depends on several factors:

  • The reputation of the kennel that sells the kitten. This is the same, why the grey T-shirt from Dior costs 20 times more than the similar one from the China town – the image of the company speaks volumes! On the kitten, the kennel gives documents about the pedigree, which is opened in a pass to the world of “great cat-breeding.” The prices for kittens of parents-champions, winners of exhibitions – so-called kittens of a show class are especially high. But if you just dream about a cute kitten, then it’s probably not worth overpaying for a “brand”.
  • Compliance with breed standards. For you, maybe a nice speck on the back or closely shifted surprised eyes only add a kitten to the charm, but for experts, it’s a defect, a deviation from the breed standard. Such a cat will never be the winner of an exhibition, so the price for it can be several times lower than that of its “right” brothers and sisters.
  • Age. The optimal age for the sale of a kitten is 2-3 months. 4-5-month-old kittens are already considered teens, the owners are trying to quickly attach them, and the price is falling.
  • Health status. Sometimes a kitten is sick with something that is not visible at first glance, and the owners try at all costs to “shove” it off until the disease has progressed. Sometimes it’s even hard for a specialist to find such a dirty trick!

But it is not uncommon for a cat to take a healthy cat of the chosen breed for a ridiculous money – on an ad, on the bird market and in other “non-serious” places: there was a cat, kittens were born, and the owners are asleep and see how to quickly add them! If you do not pretend to medals and regalia, then why not?

What kind of cat to choose?


A cat in a city apartment

In a city apartment, you can choose a cat of any breed, but the classic “sofa” breeds are:

  • The Persian. A long, thick, soft wool, a characteristic flat muzzle, little eyes, a small ears, a squat walk. Colour varies – from white and apricot to black and “tortoise”. Persians are very calm, uncritical, and peaceful animals. They require daily careful combing, otherwise, the wool will collapse in the coils!
  • «Exotics». The shape of the body and muzzle exotics are like Persians, but their wool is not so long (though thick and soft!). Colour different – “Siamese” (dark muzzle, tail and paws, light body), “tortoiseshell” (brown spots), beige, etc. Choose a cat of this breed is worth those who want to get all the dignity of the Persian, but do not suffer from daily combing, besides, now this breed has become fashionable!
  • Don Sphynx. A hairless cat with an elegant trunk, large ears, blue or green eyes. Sphinx can be got even by allergic people, it is very good-natured, but at the same time, a moving and playful animal!

A cat in a country house

Life in the private sector requires the cat to have sufficient endurance, good health, and, in addition, the ability to catch mice! Breeds of cats, which you can choose in your house without fear:

  • Russian blue. Graceful silhouette, slanting blue or green eyes, short smooth hair. The reason to choose a cat of this breed – the Russian blue catches both mice and rats perfectly, besides they are smart, perfectly feels the mood of the master, is inclined to “talk”!
  • Siberian. A squat, but not devoid of grace trunk, straight nose, slightly slanting eyes. Grey-brown with stripes, thick wool, much hard shiny wool – this structure of fur allows the Siberian cat to tolerate the cold well. A good mouse-catcher, very kind, strongly attached to the masters. The breed is old and very common, so you can buy a real “Siberian” in both the nursery and the usual owners.
  • Siamese. The peculiar blue eyes, graceful profile, large ears. Color – beige body, black or chocolate “mask” on the muzzle, dark paws and tail, the tip of which is usually slightly curved upward. “Siamese” can catch mice well, however, on the contrary to stereotypes, they are not aggressive – just playful to old age!

Kitten for the child

If the kitten appears in your family at the urging of the child, then you need to choose a cat breed that will tolerate all children’s pranks and games! Good “moustachioed nannies” can be:

  • Ragdoll. The name itself translates as “rag doll”, which characterizes the behaviour and temperament of this cat! Ragdoll is a rather large, fluffy animal of a brownish or grey colour, sometimes with light patches. Has wide paws, stocky trunk. The breed “ragdoll” should be chosen if you are afraid that the cat will be aggressive with the child.
  • Maine Coon. They are large animals, whose weight can reach 18 lbs! The body is long, with wide, strong paws, the eyes are slightly slanting with a dark “eyeliner”, the fur is quite long. A distinctive feature – in the midst of the hunting mood, the maine coon knows how to growl like a dog! However, in fact, he is not aggressive, very friendly, talkative and affectionate! Feel free to choose a cat of this breed in the family!
  • British Shorthair. A stocky torso with small ears and round yellow or green eyes. A short thick coat of smoke-grey or brown-grey colours, sometimes with stripes or a tabby pattern. “British” can also weigh a lot and reach large sizes. Very peaceful and calm, do not show the slightest aggression even to the guests! Close to the British breed – Scottish Fold – very fashionable now “style” of British cats: the “fold” ears are really bent to the head, otherwise the differences in appearance and temperament of cats are few.

However, it may happen that after reading tons of information on the topic “Which breed of cats to choose?”, You will go to the bird market / in the nursery / on the ad, you will see the unforgettable eyes of the kitten of absolutely “unsuitable” breed and you will understand that it is yours.

And you will brush it 3 times a day, wipe out “tears”, remove fleas, seek professional feeds! Because it is akin to loving a person – yours, and everything, without any rational explanations! And, maybe, such “love at first sight” is the most correct way to choose a cat breed!

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